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Spanish (Andalucia) Islamic Civilization
Andalucia is an autonomous community Spain Andalucia is the most populous autonomous region and the second largest of the 17 regions that make up Spain.
The capital is Seville. The name Andalucia comes from the Arabic name AL ANDALUS which refers to parts of the Iberian peninsula, which were formerly under Muslim rule. Islamic history in Spain can be found at the entrance to al-Andalus. The glory of Islam in Andalusia is shown by various advances in progress in many fields such as the fields of science, politics, economics, technology and many others. The progress of that progress occurred both from the Islamic State in the East (Daullah Abbasiah) based in Baghdad and Islam in the west ( Umayyad Daula) based in Cordoba.

At the time of the Umayyad Caliphate, which was approximately 90 years old, it had achieved success in expanding various regions, both in the East and in the West with Islamic territories that were truly very wide. based in Damascus, Muslims have begun to conquer the Iberian peninsula. Iberian Peninsula is an old name for Spain and Portugal. Since the beginning of the 5th century AD (in 406 AD) the territory was ruled by the Vandals, so it was called Vandalucia. However, since 711 m, the Iberian Peninsula and southern France fell into Islamic rule, ruled by Arab and Barbarian dignitaries. known as Andalusia. Spain is the most important place and the golden bridge for Europe in absorbing Islamic civilization and the results of Islamic culture, both in the form of political, social, economic, as well as civilization relations between countries. Europeans witnessed the fact that Islamic power far left neighboring European countries, especially in the fields of thought and science.

The development of Islamic civilization in Andalucia (Spain) is as follows.

Development of development.
The progress of the Umayyads in Andalucia was achieved during the period of successor to Abd Al-Rahman Al Dakhil. Cordoba’s progress was marked by a magnificent development including al-qashr al-Kabir, a satellite city in which there is a magnificent Palace building. Murafat. Palace which is surrounded by gardens which are west of the Cordoba Sea. Jami Mosque ‘Cordoba was built in 170H / 786 AD until now it is still upright. Al-Zahra satellite town in the Sierra Monera mountain range in 325H / 936 M. The city is equipped with a roofless mosque (except the mihrab) and water flows in the middle of the mosque, a small lake filled with beautiful fish, animal parks (marga animal) factory weapons, and jewelry factories.

Economic development
New developments in Spain were also supported by economic prosperity in the 9th and 10th centuries. Introduction to irrigated agriculture based on the pattern of patterns of the eastern countries led to the cultivation of a number of agricultural crops that could be traded, including cherries, apples, pomegranates, trees figs, dates, sugar cane, bananas, cotton, flax and silk. At this time Spain entered a bright trading phase due to the destruction of the control of the Byzantine Fleet towards the northwestern region. Some cities such as Seville and Cordoba experienced prosperity due to the abundance of agricultural production and international trade

    Intellectual Development.

    In a period of more than seven centuries of Spanish Islamic rule, Muslims
    Has reached its glory there.
    Lots of contributions to the development of Western Culture
    Western intellectual and cultural pride occurs after a bachelor’s degree
    Europeans studied, studied and drew so much knowledge
    Islam by translating books of Islamic science
    In European language.

Tread Tilas of Spanish Islamic Civilization is a pilgrimage for us Muslims and also as a tourist destination full of very extraordinary works.

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