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Toledo is a favorite tourist destination for our guests who come from Indonesia.

The city of Toledo Spain has an interesting Islamic footprint. There are three religions that can coexist with the historical charm of civilization in Toledo that makes this city feel different. Toledo had been the capital of Spain during Gothic times until 1560. Toledo was a witness to the history of three Islamic, Christian and Jewish cultures that had stopped in this city.

Toledo The Cathedral was previously a mosque called Al Dabaggin which was built in the 10th century. In the 11th century, the Islamic empire collapsed, so the Toledo Cathedral was built which is still functioning.

Not far from Toledo Cathedral, it turns out there is a mosque that is a sign that Islam once ruled in this city, namely Mezquita del Cristo de La Ruz is one of the oldest mosque relics in the world that was built in 999.

Previously the mosque had the real name Mezquita Bab Al Mardu, where Muslims had lived around the mosque.

The beauty of this old city attracts many tourists from Europe or other countries. By looking at the remnants of the glory of Islam, we increasingly know how advanced Islamic civilization was at that time.

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