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After Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, Sevilla is the fourth largest city in Spain. Located between the Sierra Morena mountains and the great Betis or Guadalquivir (taken from Arabic, Guad el Kevir) making Sevilla a very strategic city in Spain. The characteristics that are very easy to find in this city are natural beauty, attractions, food, colorful flowering trees, yellow white houses, patios, and historical monuments. The city was built with Roman architecture by the Romans who conquered Seville in the year 500 and the Arab architecture that captured this city from Rome in 712. The Arabs ruled Sevilla from 712 to 1248 or more than 5 centuries. Not surprisingly, this city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world because of this mix. Many world-famous artists come from this city, such as Velazquez, Murillo, Juan de Mesa, Zurbaran, Becquer, Merimee, and Rossini. The beautiful buildings adorning the city begin, from the Giralda Cathedral which was built in 1184 during the Roman occupation, then became a mosque during the Arab occupation, and finally in 1558, the famous architect Hernan Ruiz equipped it with 25 bell towers and statues called Giraldillo so that finally the church was called Giralda. This church is the third largest and most beautiful church in the world after St. Peter in Rome and St. Paul in London. However, Giralda is the first Catholic church in the world because St. Peter is a basilica and St Paul is an Anglican church. Giralda is indeed very beautiful because it was built in the style of Arab and European architecture, starting from the Baroque, Renaissance, Gothic, and Classic styles given the construction period of more than four centuries. There are two altar of gold and other silver plated wood as a result of Columbus’s journey on the American continent. Is it because of this, does America run out of gold until it replaces it from Papua through its company, Freeport? Speaking of Columbus, he is a very important figure for Spain and especially Sevilla. His coffin can also be seen in the Giralda Cathedral which is carried by four people who depict four major tribes in Spain, namely Castillian, Cataluna, Aragon, and Navarro. Funny stories happened to the Spaniards when Columbus discovered the American continent. He thought that the continent was an Asian continent so named it La India. Only when he died, Spanish geographers realized that the continent was another continent which was later given an American name. Because of his services, the bones of Columbus’s corpse were divided into the countries of Dominica, Cuba and Spain. But when Dominica and Cuba freed themselves, the bones were brought to be combined in Seville. The next monumental building is the bullring, which is the second arena to be built in Spain after Malaga. There is also the Alcazar palace which is the palace of an Arab king who ruled Sevilla from the 13th century to the 16th century. It can be seen here, the beauty of wood sculpture by artists brought in from Syria, to the spectacular spectacular calligraphy on marble and granite stone. The number of patios in the middle of the building combined with a fountain completes the beauty of the palace. This building can be said to be a small version of Al Hambra in Granada. Sevilla is also known as the world expo city and can be seen from the beautiful Plaza Espana building which is the Spanish bridge at the expo. There, we can also see other beautiful platforms from the countries of Brazil, Dominica and Argentina. Another thing that characterizes the city is its beautiful gardens with phenomenal hardscape, such as Maria Luisa Park and Murillo Garden. Looking for good food but not filling? Just look for tapas and churros. Hmm … this snack is delicious when combined with a cup of hot coffee or sangria drink. Try it!